Content of the concentrate (%)*

Mixture ingredients:

Control group


group I

Experimental group II

Post-extraction soy cake 46%


Linseed expeller


Fodder yeast


Barley cake




Fodder chalk







The dose also included volumetric feeds, including corn silage and meadow hay.


Achieved results

DDGS is a valuable protein feed, especially in the process of feeding the calves, its contribution to the mixtures and concentrates may vary from 10 to 15%.

Feeding the calves with feed enhanced with DDGS is assessed positively, as no illnesses have been detected, which is a proof of good health of the animals. When point analysis was carried out regarding the excrement status, their liquidity, consistency and smell, no deviations have been detected in the examined material.

By introducing DDGS into the diet, we may decrease contribution of other protein feeds (e.g. the more expensive ones, based on soy), and lower the cost of breeding.

* Taking into account the changes in the body mass of the calves throughout the experimental study, the volumetric feed quantity was gradually increased, so that the nutrients needs were covered in line with the feeding norms.