BGW Multi-Branch Trade Business has been established as a Civil Partnership on Oct. 6th 1997. Then the company became a limited liability company, with the initial capital contained in an amount of PLN 13,500,000.
Initially, the main area of business activities undertaken by the company included fuel and motor oil trade. As the years went passing by, through continuous investment, the company expanded its activities, gradually becoming a trading-production business.

At the moment, the company includes the following branches:
1. Liquid Fuel Warehouse and Base.
2. 2 Own Gas Stations
3. Center for Maintenance Of Passenger Cars and Heavy Duty Vehicles (repairs, oil replacement, tyre replacement etc.).
4. District Vehicle Technical Inspection Centre
5. Ethanol and Animal Feeds Manufacturing Plant

One of the basic fields of activities undertaken by the business is placed within the area of trading liquid fuels and green heating oil, received by numerous recipients, both individual ones, as well as by large workplaces and housing cooperatives.
BGW acts as a fuel wholesale point for the Lotos group. The quality assurance policy implemented by Lotos obliges the enterprise to meet strict qualitative and environmental norms, in case of every gas station maintained.
The business has a great warehousing area, with a capacity of 2,000,000 litres, with full array of equipment and vehicles. The company owns couple of tank trucks of a variety of sizes and capacities, providing professional services to our clients.

Our strong points include:
- Long term collaboration with the Grupa Lotos S.A. manufacturers
- Many years of experience in the field of liquid fuel trade
- large, well located fuel base
- own chain of gas stations - retail sales
- highly qualified employees
- high level of stability of the crew
- specialized machinery park - independent means of transport

The main base of the company is located in Oborniki. This is where the BGW Fuel Base is located - with an address in ul. Staszica 27. The facility is tailored for handling, storing and providing three types of fuels: diesel fuel, unleaded petrol and light heating oil. Moreover, the location is tailored to produce high quality liquid fuels and biofuels.
The fuel is delivered to the base in rail tank cars, to the unloading ramps. Unloading is realized via an underground pipeline, connecting the base with the unloading ramp. The transportation of fuel to the customer is executed with the use of the BGW tank trucks or via the means of transportation provided by the customer.

Unloading, storing and handing off the fuels - all of these operations are being monitored by an electronic Sterling Technologies system, including the height of column of fuel, volume, temperature of fuel in the tank and control of the fuel leak.
Moreover, BGW also manages 2 independent petrol stations (Oborniki ul. Staszica 27; Szamotuły ul. Powstańców Wlkp. 75), created according to the company’s original design. The stations offer products provided by Lotos S.A.