Production of feed components

Production of dried corn stock:

Dried corn decoction DDGS (Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles) is produced by producing ethanol from corn starch. The resulting mash is concentrated after fermentation and ethanol distillation and then subjected to a drying process. The result is a protein feed material of the highest quality, used as a feed ingredient for cattle, pigs, poultry, has a direct effect on the protein level in milk and the natural carotenoid content has a beneficial effect on the colouring of egg yolks.

The dried maize DDGS produced by our company is available in loose form.

Corn oil production

Maize oil is produced in the ethanol production process by centrifugation of maize mash. It is characterised by its high quality, due to its low water content and high fat content. It is an excellent natural energy source for animal nutrition.